Landlord Guide

Landlord Guide

Finding the tenant to entrust with your property is a herculean task. Whether it is a residential building or commercial building, you have to select your tenants carefully with due diligence over the selection. You have to ensure the tenants you have selected have no criminal record, willing to pay rent on time, don’t cause damage to the property, and leave the premises after the expiry of the agreement. Finding such a tenant and keeping all these checks is not possible for such landowners that live far away or are too busy with their life. This is where we offer our dependable services. At Panaap Properties Dubai we offer a chance to landlords to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their investment while we handle the complicated matters pertaining to tenants.


Our property experts will give you details about renting out your property and the methods to find an ideal tenant for your property.


Once you have decided to put your property on rent, make sure your property is ready. Get it checked for repairs or if it needs whitewashing.


It's up to you to decide whether you want to put the entire property on rent or a particular portion.


To rent out your property, you have to undergo the process of signing many documents to mark your consent. Our experts will guide you on every step to get the job done.

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